Welcome to the project sharing page !

What you wanna do ?

How it was designed ?

The beginning

First of all, this concept was designed in order to allow the community to share and learn with others. Indeed, anyone can upload a project on CDevCom and share it with the rest of the members. Thus, people are able to download them and learn programming by looking how others are coding. This concept was based on our experience, we learnt programming by watching others... This version is still in beta, but don't worry, we're still there! If any problem occurs or if you have some recommendations, feel free to contact us in the 'Contact' section. Hope you'll like it, see you in the next projects !

How can i upload my project ?

If you wanna publish a project on CDevCom, you must register on the website then return to this page and click on 'Publish your own project on the website'. It only takes you some minutes, it also depends if you wanna build a strong documentation for your project!

Can i upload whatever i want on CDevCom ?

Of course not , projects are humanly verified and if we found any virus or spyware on the website , it will be deleted immediately and your account may be banned ! You may also be interested to read our Terms of Service (click here).